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Understanding Azure AZ-300 Exam

andrewyan profile image AndrewYan64 ・3 min read

AZ-300 Exam

According to the best Azure architect certification available out there, here are the points shrouded in the AZ-300 test and the overall load of each part:

Send and Configure Infrastructure (25-30%)

Execute Workloads and Security (20-25%)

Make and Deploy Apps (5-10%)

Execute Authentication and Secure Data (5-10%)

Produce for the Cloud and for Azure Storage (20-25%)

The principal segment is the greatest, and it covers a wide assortment of themes, including capacity, virtual machines, systems administration, and Azure Active Directory. You need to know these subjects in incredible profundity for the test. For instance, as well as realizing how to make a virtual machine, you likewise need to realize how to make it profoundly accessible and how to computerize VM organization utilizing Azure Resource Manager. In the organization region, you need to realize how to associate virtual organizations together by utilizing VNET peering and virtual organization doors. In the Azure Active Directory region, you need to realize how to synchronize Azure AD with an on-premises Active Directory worker and furthermore empower single sign-on.

The following area is on carrying out responsibilities and security. You need to realize how to associate your on-premises organization to an Azure virtual organization and how to move your on-premises workers to Azure utilizing Site Recovery. When you have applications in Azure, you'll normally need to carry out load adjusting, which improves both execution and accessibility, so that is a significant theme, as well. In the security region, you must have the option to make it harder for programmers to get in by utilizing multifaceted validation, and you likewise need to realize how to restrict every client's entrance level to just however much they need by utilizing job-based admittance control.

The third area is one of the briefest. It covers the making and sending applications utilizing either Azure App Service or Azure Container Service.

The fourth area is likewise short, and it covers two primary points. The first is the manner by which to carry out validation utilizing a wide range of techniques. One particularly significant idea is Managed Identity (which used to be called Managed Service Identity). This makes it simple to verify an application so it can get to different administrations. The second significant theme in this segment is the manner by which to encode your information. Perhaps the main idea in this space is the way to utilize Azure Key Vault, which is the place where you can store your cryptographic keys.

The last area covers how to create for the cloud. Probably the best element of the cloud is autoscaling. Rather than provisioning enough figure ability to deal with tops, you can simply advise Azure to add and eliminate process assets dependent on the interest. You must be cautious how you arrange autoscaling, however,, supposing that you don't set up the standards accurately, it could hugely affect your application's presentation and cost.

Another incredible element of Azure is that it is so natural to set up information between your applications. Azure has informing administrations for each need, including Event Grid, Service Bus, Relay Service, Event Hub, and Notification Hub. You need to know every one of them for the test.

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