Discussion on: How To Be A Great Podcast Guest

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Andrew Mason

Regarding saying the host’s name: sometimes I’ll be mid episode and start thinking about how I should do this and then...don’t haha.

Great list 👏

Readers take extra note of Will’s advice to not get too spicy. 🔥 It’s easy to get caught up in the moment.

Along with this, if I make a critical comment of a library, I always try to follow it up with a comment about how this isn’t the maintainers fault and that I appreciate their work. You never know who’s listening and open source is hard enough as is.

And don’t forget that if you wake up the next morning and regret something, you should reach out to the host quickly because there’s a good chance they haven’t edited it yet so they can likely cut it out!

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Will Johnson Author

Yeah, the name thing is hard! It's something I know but always forget. Trying to get better at remembering