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Discussion on: Stop Doing Coding Tutorials

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Andrew Harpin

This is a chicken and egg problem, tutorials vary and as you are learning something, how does the individual know when they have sufficient knowledge to break out?

Or is this a representation of poor tutorials?

Software engineering can be taught, but not all of it can be taught online. As you stated they are known problems. Problems that supply you with the answer are part of the problem.

The challenge is educating the pupil to identify the problem, this is not impossible, but is generally overlooked by many tutorials.

Sometimes this requires a experienced human observation, i.e. did they achieve the set problem without any predefined solution?

Another input which can be done online is providing examples of known issues, but having the pupil identify them.

The final one is getting them to repair or extend something that already exists, this is how education is done in business, build them up slowly inside out. Rather than typical outside in approach usually taken by tutorials.

This allows the pupil to gain the experience and knowledge without having to conceive an entire system. Which is generally beyond their capabilities and their stage of development.