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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦
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How do you like your rice pudding?

I like rice pudding, but I don't like paying high prices so I've bought up different kinds of rice in an attempt to perfect my rice pudding.

I am trying to make creamy rice pudding in my instapot, but so far online recipes seem to be lying about the cooking time. Where 7 mins on high pressure still yield fibrous rice when using Aborio.

So I need to do the following:

  • compare Aborio vs Carnaroli vs Sushi Rice vs Jasmine vs Cheap No Name Rice
  • attempt 3 different cook times in my instapot
  • try out condensed milk vs sugar vs coconut milk
  • flavouring attempts with rose water vs anise stars vs cardamom
  • slow cook via the traditional method (stovetop) vs pressure cooker (instapot)

When I make sweet lassi rose water + roasted cumin works well.
I wonder if this combination would result in good results as well.

When I buy rice pudding I normally purchase Kozy Shack pudding.
I've been trying out Senior Rice as of late.

Everybody says not to use cream which I'm surprised.

Some use egg yolks in their rice pudding but honestly, I don't want my rice pudding to taste like custard. I guess this is just like ice cream where you have Philadelphia style (without yolk/custard) and traditional ice cream.

What about raisins? I don't like them too much in my pudding. Maybe currants. Maybe even blueberries. Ripe papaya would be interesting, a tangelo is a serious curiosity.

If you never had a tangelo, freshly squeezed it takes how I would expect orange juice to taste.

Do you like rice pudding?

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msamgan profile image
Mohammed Samgan Khan

mee too never had it ... :(

aadibajpai profile image
Aadi Bajpai

Never had it :(

andy profile image
Andy Zhao (he/him)

I love rice pudding! Never tried to make it though. Kozy Shack rice pudding was my favorite.

Have you tried using leftover rice? Maybe that will help with the texture of the rice.

jackdcasey profile image

With stale rice, waiting until a skin forms :)