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I have a domain I am sitting on called the thedev.cloud and its cloud computing version for DEV. I today cannot spin up the DEV platform even though I am a Ruby on Rails developer of 14 years. I would rather leverage an open-source platform than build my own.

The question is what is the ETA? 3 months, 6 months 1 year?


Hey Andrew, part of my work here at DEV is to enable end users to consume the Forem software. I am still pretty new to the company, but I am currently overhauling our container setup so we can leverage them for what I call "Forem in a box".

This has a lot of components that we will need to iterate on to get right, so to answer your question, I hope to have some previews in a month or so with more consumable FOSS automation for setting up Forem on your own.


I respect that you took the time provide a soft ETA.
I know containers and the state of the app is a challenge.

No problem Andrew. We are working hard every day to make Forem easy to setup and maintain on your own. This PR github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/... is one of many that will help make this happen.

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