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Discussion on: I'm concerned with the move that FreeCodeCamp just pulled by leaving Medium

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

This is my experience, and I'm just one person but I thought I'd share.

First-Hand Experience

I'm a guest content creator where I have published 3 courses (4 hours, 4 hours and 10 hours) and the result has been overwhelmingly positive every single time.

The struggle was incredibly hard before freeCodeCamp Youtube that I'd be embarrassed to put that story to ink. I will tell you first-hand experience the results it has produced.

The Results

This is the results of publishing on freeCodeCamp Youtube:

  • Searching "AWS" on Youtube puts me on top as the first result
  • My own Youtube channel has received a large uptick in subscribers
  • Even though I gave my courses away for free, people pay to support the creation of my free courses. This is leading to sustainable revenue.
  • Multiple job opportunities, paid workshops
  • Nearly everyone in Toronto (that's where I am) whether it be an accelerator, incubator, tech firms or otherwise knows who I am. No more am I being ignored and people want to collaborate. I have the street cred to do talks where I was one turned away.

The Support

Both Beau and Quincy will provide you with the support and mentorship you need for your content to succeed but it's your choice to listen and take action. If you listen, they'll tell you more, and in turn, you'll maximize the result you to gain.

Thoughts About Promoting their Guest Content

freeCodeCamp isn't a big ad for my brand and to convert direct sales to me. I never expected Cards or End Screens because that would go against the principle of the no ads.
I mention my name and my brand in the introduction. At every section, I say my name and my brand, but this simply out of habit and because I already shot the material. I make no call to actions, I don't show people my platform, people consume my content, they get to know me and find me afterwards. Is it in the magnitude of the number of views on the original video? No. But it is still in the thousands.

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Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

I'm just one person