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re: Like I said, a lot of people have different versions of what they think works best for LinkedIn. Ultimately, it's a search engine so different stra...

I just want to state that its less of "thinking what works best" and what I'm doing is creating hypotheses, experimenting and capturing the results. So I like to think I'm closer to the truth than just writing nonsense:

  • I'm talking to recruiters and I have an article in the works once I've finished interviewing 100 recruiters.
  • I've built recruiter/hiring tools which scrape profiles and make predictions based on how your profile is filled out so I have an idea how this tech is thinking
  • I'm tweaking my profile and trying to A/B the best I can with limits of tracking within LinkedIn
  • I help place developers frequently when I can help out and I hear the objections or reasons why a hire was determined
  • I regularly interview even though I don't need a job so I can keep a pulse on the industry and keep the perspective of the job seeker.

I plan on showing more of this information if people keep showing interest.

Great, I'm glad you can back up your post with your own data. There are different approaches to LinkedIn and it's good that people can try out what works for them.

Another suggestion for your post: in your first comment to me you said your advice was to move that keyword list to different areas of your profile. In your post, you don't make that suggestion or any suggestion at all. If your advice is to move the list to different areas, you might want to update your post to include that extra detail. Right now it reads as though your advice is simply to delete those keywords.

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