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Discussion on: Creating a button menu using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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Andrew Baisden Author • Edited on

I tested your code it works however it appears to behave differently depending on the browser.

Chrome: Tabbing works however the background colour keeps the focus colour on the selected button unless you click somewhere on the page a second time.

Firefox: Tabbing seems to work properly

Safari: I don't know if the browser supports tabbing? I could only get it to go to the search bar?

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Kim Hallberg

Tabbing on safari works just fine for me might have something to do with the OS and accessibility settings, I've messed around with mine a bit, might've toggled something on or off that makes it work for me, haven't tested it with the native macOS VoiceOver but I know buttons have built-in roles that get read out, mainly mentioned it for visual indication, it's a good practice to keep in mind. 🙂