Discussion on: Why you might need Ansible and not even know it

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André Matias

It was a cool article, I've not seen much articles here talking about Ansible, it's a really good tool.

I've had some experiences with Ansible but unfortunately on Microsoft Windows Servers enviroments it doesn't work very well.
I could do some basic tasks like copy files and execute basic comands, but sometimes it just doesn't work, maybe I did some stuff wrong.

Another point is that It's not a friendly user tool for a team that don't have a DevOps culture.
In my work we have a deploy team and they work with legacy applications where they needs make changes manualy. I try to implements Ansible to help them, but we have problems with some tasks sometimes because of Ansible and sometimes because of team.

I've had to created a tool to encapsulate all routines and logics to have the job done and Ansible was a good point to start and learn how to create it.

I want to work with that tool of right way some day, it is a art wrote in python.

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Piotr Gaczkowski Author

I think the support for Windows Server is getting better and better. You still have to run Ansible on a UNIX box, though, if I'm not mistaken.

And I agree with you, the team culture is a prerequisite to using this tool or any other tool.