I am not a Hacker

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The term hacker seems to be enjoying great popularity, with websites like HackerNews, HackerNoon, HackerRank, recruiting events like HackerX or the all-too-familiar and ever prevalent "hackathons". It's a hacking bonanza.

I have never referred to myself a hacker and every time a go to a HackerX event or a hackathon I feel uncomfortable and out of place.

When are we going to be past this hacking tomfoolery, hacking "culture", hackers, hackathons?

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Possible "hackathon" synonyms..

  • Codathon
  • Programmathon
  • Develathon?!

Codeathon I think it's a fine term. Actually, the only "hackathon" I go to is called a codeathon and is organized by the Norwegian Red Cross.


Seeing as the term had been used for something like forty-odd years (with some slight changes in meaning), it's probably not going to go away any time soon.

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