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Dear [Applicant]

This is an interview rejection letter template to be used as needed by companies. I’ve included a few passages from various rejection letters of my own.

Dear [Applicant’s First Name],

Thank you for completing the interview for the [position name] job with us. After careful evaluation in collaboration with the hiring team, we regret to inform you that we won’t be moving forward with your application, at this time.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of competition for the role and we can only take forward the people we think would be most suitable. While we are convinced that you are perfectly skilled for this position and you appear to have enough academic qualifications, we still somehow feel that you are not the right candidate. You seem like someone who would get in an unpleasant argument with someone from the management team at some point in the future. Surely you understand that we would prefer to avoid these type of situations, it serves no one any good.

We’re also grateful that you took the time and complete our 4+ hours assignment so skilfully that we even got some ideas from it. We would like to encourage you to re-apply for this role in the future, should you still be interested, however please bear in mind that your chances of success will still be limited.

New opportunities arise every day to help us make real what matters. Please don’t let this stop you from applying for a different role, at different company.

We wish you the best of luck with your career, wherever it may take you.

Yours truly,
The Company

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