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Loading images with Svelte

Poor network conditions cause images to load slower, sometimes leading to broken layouts. You could exclusively rely on the alt attribute, but a more robust solution would handle such cases. Therefore, showing a placeholder or a spinner until displaying a fully loaded image could significantly improve the user experience.

The Image web API exposes two methods, onload and onerror that help managing these situations:

import { onMount } from 'svelte'
export let src;

let loaded = false;
let failed = false;
let loading = false;

onMount(() => {
    const img = new Image();
    img.src = src;
    loading = true;

    img.onload = () => {
        loading = false;
        loaded = true;
    img.onerror = () => {
        loading = false;
        failed = true;
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the above Svelte code is part of an Image component with the following template:

{#if loaded}
    <img {src} />
{:else if failed}
    <img src="not_found.jpg" />
{:else if loading}
    <img src="loading.gif" />
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A full working example can be found here.

Cover photo by Mike van den Bos on Unsplash

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