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I studied Economics but I hab the chance to evaluate a technical (dev) solution during my job as a student and the guy responsible for the project came and said „Tell me you can code!“
„Well,“ I said. „As a matter of fact, I habe some experience in Pascal and Delphi. What language do you need?“
„I don’t know C++,yet, but programming is mostly algorithmic thinking and cutting big problems into smaller pieces, which, when solved, solve the big problem. The rest is just syntax.“
He gave me the job, right after graduating. But since my (at the time still future) wife went to another city for her first job. I was open about looking for another job, as soon as the project was done.
The learning curve was more like a wall. I was coding in C++, while learning it in a multi threaded, peer-2-peer distributed system. And I loved every moment.
We had to re-engineer a proprietary protocol, and when do you see a bunch of guys sitting around a pc with a hardware panel of buttons attached, one presses a button and the only thing that happens is, that a number appears on the screen and everyone cheers and high-fives.
What I am trying to say... I was really lucky! Getting a job without any experience. Taking that student job, was the second best thing (after marrying my wife) that I did in the last 10 years.
Getting the second job was a lot harder in comparison. I wrote lots of applications and was rejected almost every time until one day I was invited at a consulting company. And I thought „At least the traveling gets paid then, when I go to my (still future) wife.“ So I took the job, new language (C#) lots of projects, lots to learn. But this consulting job gave my wife (now she was) later the opportunity to move closer to her family again, when she wanted a change. And some day later, a customer, I was working at already for 3 years, asked me, if I would like to make it permanent. So took the chance again. Well now I knew exactly was I was getting in to. I already worked on the software for about a year. Lots of the code came actually from me. And already almost 2 years later, I still have no regrets. We are moving everything to the cloud (Azure) now. Again lots to learn, again lots of new toys to play with.

So as soon as you have gotten some experience, it gets easier. Still the first one or two jobs will need a lot of persistence.

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