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Douglas R Andreani
Douglas R Andreani

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What is the last open-source project that you found?

Open-Source is awesome, so let's talk about them: What is the last one that you found and blow your mind? Something that someone/some team spent a lot of hours (or just a few) and delivered an amazing product?

Links are appreciated :)

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Marcos Vidolin

Hi Douglas,
I'm new in open source world and I would like to share my projects (aren't amazing products.. hehe) with you. So take a look and feel free to contribute:

Messagefy:This is a very small helper java library to easily build a JavaMail MIME object

GoogleChatNotifier: allows Jenkins send notifications to a Google Chat via Webhook

copy-properties-assembler: A simple copy properties wrapper to convert domain into resource/dto and vice versa.

Doco: Document Converter for Google App Engine Search API

google-idtoken-auth: Node.js middleware to validate Google ID tokens in the request.

Ugla: Web Componentes designed for the Angular ecosystem.

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Christopher Voigt

jeffsum is a lorem ipsum text generator, but with cites of Jeff Goldblum.

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Douglas R Andreani

this is awesome on an out of this world-scale

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Jason C. McDonald

P.S. The #showdev tag is devoted entirely to this exact topic, so you can browse through that as well! :)

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Douglas R Andreani

I will start with Albert

This is a launcher, for *nix systems that is very useful. I was never a Mac user, but I heard opinions that it can match Spotlight

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