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Hello Gitpod 🧑

I meant to write this blog post a month ago, but... life happened :)

I generally write technical articles on my blog rather than talking about my personal life, but 4 years ago, I wrote Hello DAZN, and I want to keep up with the tradition, so... Hello Gitpod 🧑

At the beginning of March this year, I've joined ✨

I've spent the last few years at DAZN, focusing on DevX (Developer Experience), empowering fellow engineers to get their job done smoothly and efficiently.

In 2018, I was already speaking about DevX.

But, it's thanks to Cirpo and the DAZN DX team that I realised how much I liked the subject.

When I heard about Gitpod, it was the same day GitHub announced Codespaces, and my colleague Lou announced he would join Gitpod.

Since that day, I've become a user, a customer, and a community member of Gitpod because I immediately saw the benefits of a cloud development environment. I started using it for day-to-day work.

Over time, I gitpodified most of my repositories.

In fact, I am writing this very blog post which requires Jekyll to run using Gitpod.

You might think I am exaggerating, and it's overkill to gitpodify my own blog...

Assuming you have already cloned the repo locally and installed the project dependencies, starting a new blog post with Jekyll requires you to locate the project on your machine, open your favourite editor, open the terminal, launch Jekyll, etc.

With Gitpod, all I have to do is press this green button :)


And in matter of seconds, I have VS Code open in the cloud, Jekyll up and running thanks to Gitpod automatically running for me these commands:

git clone ..

bundle install ⬇️

bundle exec Jekyll serve --watch --drafts

# > open VS Code

# > open browser with live preview
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Enough with selling Gitpod.

In conclusion, I want to say that I am incredibly enthusiastic to have the opportunity to impact the Developer Experience of thousands of developers and shape the future of Cloud Development Environments 🧑 ✨

Thanks πŸ™πŸ‘‹

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