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Andras Nyarai
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L-system visualization experiment

Hi there,

from a long time, i plan to write an l-system visualizer, to understand it how they are related to fractals, be able to write better/more readable code in the process, and to create stunning visual clips.

bout i stuck a bit on the ui, i want it to be mobile friendly, and maybe already even in alpha there are too many control options.

i would welcome any feedback, even architectural as well.

the gist of it maybe needed to be ported to OffscreenCanvas, and RequestAnimationFrame.

So have a look at it, i'm at utmost interest what shapes you can make with it.

go space fill with some curves

Alt Text

(the three checkboxes are: 1. - clear before draw, 2. - clear remaining timeouts, 3. draw full shape at once)


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