Discussion on: Deno 1.0 What ? NodeJS is dead ? are you serious ?

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Tom Anderson

One other important point is that Deno isn't compatible with the multitude of packages available for Ndke via NPM. The à sense of these packages means that the wheel needs to be reinvented for hundreds of thousands of packages, just to get Deno to where Node already is.
Also, not à huge fan of the global window scope. Imo, it's not a feature of JavaScript, it's a Web API, and should be left on the Web. Code running in the browser, and code running in Deno/Node will always be different, because they're different environments. We're never going to reach a stage where the same file can be run on Node and in the browser to do different things.

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Naoufal El hassnaoui Author

Thanks for your comments on the subject, very interesting thoughts you shared with us!