Packt Publishing is having a sale!

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I just wanted to post this real quick in case some people haven't seen it. Packt Publishing ( packtpub.com) is having a Giant sale. I think It's been going awhile. Everything is $5 each, so if you're looking for any books or videos on programming or technologies now would be a great time to get them. I just bought 3 solid Java books.I don't know when the sale ends, I couldn't find an expiration, so get them while you can!

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Thanks for the news and I'm curios about the title of the 3 solid Java Books that you have bought.


Books I wound up buying from @PacktPub during their sale:
-Android programming with kotlin for beginners
-Java Fundamentals

  • The Java Workshop
  • Android studio 3.5 Development essentials

Java fundamentals and The Java Workshop are both beginner java books. The workshop one is supposed to be heavily exercise based, both look really solid. The kotlin one was sort of an accident, there was a java one but I apparently put the wrong one in the cart lol. I'm keeping it though because kotlin is eventually where android is headed and because the book is really new, which makes following along easier. The android version is from 2018 and already outdated as far as android studio is concerned. I plan to do some book write ups eventually.

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