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Most Loved React Site Features

Got a website you love going to? Tell me what your favorite site features are and why you keep going back! There are things I love about some sites that I have attempted to implement into my personal site and I always love finding more. Here are a few examples: The page greets you with a beautiful image that takes up the full screen. I wanted this for my home page. Getting the image to only show on my home page was a bit of a chore, but I figured it out because React is amazing. This goes along with my introductory banner. I love how the page scrolls right over the banner. This one was pretty simple! Embedded image opener. This is one that I wrote a tutorial for. I wanted to keep users on my site and expand images for their viewing pleasure. This one took a bit of logic for initial setup, but now that it is working, it would be very easy to recreate!

-React app's initial page: How they got the atom to rotate was brilliant and very simple to implement just using CSS! I wanted to add that to my site for a "Taco Locater" API example. Who doesn't love a spinning taco?

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