New personal website using GatsbyJS

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Just built my new personal website using GatsbyJS.

Very cool framework that allows a backend services engineer like myself to easily use all the slick, new, front-end tech(react, graphql, webpack, etc) out of the box.

Definitely recommend checking it out if you need to crank out a static website(https://www.gatsbyjs.org/).

https://chris-anatalio.dev 😁

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I'm in the process of building my personal site with Gatsby as well! First time working with this framework, and it does have some neat tricks - so far I like it. Your website looks great too btw, thanks for sharing!


Awesome! I found it was helpful to use a starter, gatsbyjs.org/starters/?v=2 with react-bootstrap.github.io/ if you are interested in leveraging Twitter Bootstrap components.

Netlify(netlify.com/) offers a free hosting solution and free automatic deployment from your Github repo. :)

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