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The PHP 7.4 series (Deprecations)

Tell me if one of these situations has ever happened to you

  • The head coach of your favourite team substituted a player and the fresh one’s performance was a disaster;

  • You moved into your dream house to later find out it wasn’t what you expected to be;

  • You updated the programming language’s version or a package in your application and needed to spend the next night fixing issues you didn’t account for.

Here is a secret:

It happens to all of us!

We want to prevent these issues and this is why we use several environments for an application and we should write tests.

A way to avoid these problems is to learn why they came in the first place.
I can tell you,
one of the most strenuous task for PHP developers in the next months will be to resolve issues related to the upgrading to PHP 7.4.

And what’s are those issues?

The biggest issue when upgrading to a new version of features is retro compatibility!

It is even more important if we upgrade the programming language of an application.

like adding a new player on the field that does not perform well against the opponent’s tactic, or moving to a brand new house that has no space for all your clothes, retro compatibility has to be kept in mind.

You can solve it, and save a lot of hours by looking for deprecation beforehand.

PHP 7.4 is not a big jump

Not if you are up-to-date and you are coming from recent versions.
but, it was thought as the version that prepares us for PHP 8.
for this reason, it has several deprecations.
and all of them are deeply described in this article.

What can you do now?

This is a very actionable article.
You can use this article and read it paragraph after paragraph while having your IDE open and update all your files that need to be updated.

Sounds good?

I hope so.


Read the full article here

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