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Discovering Higher-Order Functions [refactoring to Collections]

How good are you as a programmer?
Can you code astonishing software?
Are you 100% confident in what you deploy into production?


I believe that should not be the real questions to be asked but rather, are you willing to keep learning?

There is ONE THING that needs to get into your mind:

Coding never stops!

In this very moment, there are thousands of incredibly talented programmers solving problems and inventing new cool concepts to perform actions.

then, by chance, it happens that some of them publish a book that collects lots of these concepts and ...

... Oh boy!

This is what happened a few weeks ago,

I have started to read "Refactoring to Collections" by Adam Wathan and some of the tricks in that books are just incredible.

I have taken notes on some of the concepts and I want to share them with you today.

The concepts I want you to learn today is Higher-Order Functions

If you have never heard of it no problem,

you have probably seen them already but you didn't know what they were.

They make the code more descriptive while taking care of plenty of functionality in the background.

So you do not have to worry about them.


I still think I am a pretty good programmer but this book is a helpful reminder that there is a lot more to learn out there.

Why do YOU start now?
Read the article and to see how Higher-Order Functions work.

Read the full article here

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