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Decorator in PHP [Design pattern with examples]

An Italian coder and design enthusiast. I publish content on my blog that helps web developers improve their skills
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If you are reading this post there are two options.

You are an excited beginner coder, one that is trying to understand what is happening with the PHP language,
you are an experienced developer but that still wants to be up-to-speed and always improve.

Either way, you are in the BEST POSITION to learn how to structure your code.

You can do so by learning design patterns,

They provide a solution to problems that occur often when developing web applications.

In this episode of the series, we'll discover the Decorator pattern,

the one that enables us creating a structure for multi-features objects.

We'll do so by using a lot of actionable examples and step by step explanation.


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Adrián Moreno

Shitty post. Why don't you put the entire post here?

anastasionico profile image
anastasionico Author

Hi Adrian, the reason is that there are bespoke templates that will make the reading experience more involving and easier to understand on the linked page