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Discussion on: What I Use Now Instead Of Google

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Hey Kira,I also feel the same about Google as you do.
I don't think it has been mentioned in the comments but try Brave as a replacement for Google Chrome. It's privacy, speed, interface are off the charts. Plus it was created by the creator of JavaScript and Ex-Mozilla CEO

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Brave is based of Chromium, which is by Google. So Brave helps Google. The more users use chromium the more extensions will need to support chromium. And the more stuff supports chromium the better it gets. So if you want to go away from Google. Firefox (and maybe Safari) is the only option.

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Amer Mallah

If you goal is to have control over your own privacy, Brave works. Avoiding Chromium at all costs is more of a stick-a-fork-in-their-eye move. It depends on the reason you're moving away from Google.