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What are your first ever projects that you worked on and what language were they in?

Ananya Neogi on January 08, 2019

If you're an experienced developer, it will be an interesting trip down the memory lane and you can give a pat your back as well because of how far... [Read Full]
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I've done a lot of little exercises but I think my first major one was the capstone for my degree. I lived with my parents during college, and they wanted to go on a diet to get healthier.

Home cooking is supposed to be healthier than dining out and eating boxed meals, but they were having a hard time getting nutrition info for a lot of recipes. As my capstone project I created a web app in .NET that would allow a user to put in all the ingredients for a recipe using the HUUUUUGE USDA food database, then it would calculate the nutritional values and pop out an info label that could be saved. It wasn't precise (cooking alters a lot of nutrients) but it worked well enough for a first "big kid" project. It's still sitting on my GitHub.


My very first professional experience was a Public Hospital system written in Visual Fox Pro 9.
I don't want to know anything about VFP again 🙃
More exactly the redesign of invoicing system.
What a mess was that, great memories BTW, thanks for bringing them back.


I didn't know there exists some language called VFP 😅
Thanks for sharing!

  1. Pascal, it was great start, nice verbose language to begin with, made Tetris game with.
  2. C, one step advance from Pascal, played with graphics, image rendering, keylogger, mostly helped everyone in the class with their projects on c.
  3. C++, starting of OOPS, built native windows app, mail server, http proxy tunneling, MFC apps.
  4. Java, got rid of blue screen errors with nice exceptions !!, built couple of websites, a shopping cart. Made couple of mobile apps in native Android.
  5. C#, better than Java with some advanced features, still working on it, server side on ASP.NET and ASP.NET core, mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms and more.
  6. Swift, hate it, only surviving due to iPhone popularity, language has some nice features but flow of logic isn't great. V(i+1) not compatible with V(i), requires you to rewrite code !!
  7. JavaScript, built web atoms with it, a UI framework that existed long before Angular, React and Vue.
  8. TypeScript + VS Code, love it, built web-atoms-core, a cross platform MVVM framework for JavaScript on web and on native mobile. This is the language I spend most time on it today.

Ah, so many languages, that's quite mouthful! :)


The first ever language I started coding in was Java (I hardly remember any of it now 😂). Apart from making a typical "calculator", I made an attendance management system for my school, which was very buggy but I was still proud! I thought I would become an amazing Java Developer when I grow up, until I was introduced to JavaScript and frontend and well rest is history!
Even though I don't use Java anymore, I did learn a lot programming concepts through it. As they say, no knowledge is ever wasted 😀


My first program was a text-based RPG in TI-83+ BASIC, but my first real programs were written to facilitate my then-hobby of language construction. I picked up Java and Swing and wrote programs to generate words for my constructed languages based on patterns, identify the frequency of letters in a document, and apply sound change rules to a vocabulary. I remember really struggling with the pattern matching code in the sound change applier, and not understanding the difference between casting and parsing, so I got really frustrated when trying to extract a number from a editor cell in Swing!

I don't program in Java any more - I started learning new programming languages in college and left it behind.


My first seriously coded thingies were Processing-Sketches in Uni-Projects. Processing is Java with dead simple graphics-functionality. It's still going strong and it's in active development. =>

Haven't really done anything after that with Java aside from the usual tinkering.

I now do mostly JS.


I've dabbled a little with Processing myself. I've found it to be quite amazing! And all the David Shiffman's tutorials make understanding Processing really breezy :)


My first project was a management system for a Zoo as a final test from High School, made in Visual Studio, Basic and MySQL. Our teacher was awful and didn't explain a lot of things. I just discovered design patterns and I found out he tought us Command, but he called it 'passing'.

Great experience anyways.


The first ever language I coded in was Java. I was in 9th grade back then when Java was introduced in school and after trying a lot, I successfully printed a pattern of stars 😄

My first web development project was a downloading website with wallpapers, songs and mobile games. I had used at first which had several tools and then I coded the website using php. All code was written using my small Nokia 3110c phone with a 1.8″ screen. All content was scraped from some other website using a php script I wrote (didn't know about copyright back then)


Oh even I have printed a fair share of patterns with alphabets, numbers and what not, back in the days!


I had to do that same programs even while pursuing B.Tech


My very first project was simple text game written in C (with all possible antipatterns included). Game was an adaptation of first book of Lord of the rings trillogy. I was using TCLite these days..

First commercial project (as dev) was an web application in JS with Meteor framework. This application was some kind of simple CRM and Sales management system.

First commercial project in IT was set of services, whole system linux based, using Asterisk to manage VOIP and E1 phone calls. 2 instances are working still, one of them already 6 years with around 60 users online, feeling kinda proud of it :)

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