What are your favourite non-tech related podcasts?

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Tell me your favourite non-tech related podcasts.
I'll start with mine -

All though I listen to many more sporadically, but these are the ones I try to keep up with.

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Hey, great post and great taste! I listen to a ton of podcasts which range from News and politics to society and culture, business, STEM and fictional audiodramas.

Some of my favorite non-tech related podcasts are -

There are more but these are just off the top of my head.


Fabulous list! I like all the ones here that I know of so I have a feeling the other ones are really great!


Thanks! We have very similar tastes then! What are your favorites?


I'm definitely a fan of any of the TED Talks podcasts. Stuff You Should Know About is great, as is Alice Isn't Dead, Limetown, and Blackout.


I'm really interested in kickstarting my own entrepreneur adventure, so the podcasts I listen to are mostly in this category:


Thanks for sharing! And all the best in your entrepreneur adventure πŸ˜€


I'm a big fan of GaryVee Audio Experience. I'll add the others to my list, I have similar interests too.


The main danger in podcast binging is that so many people stay in the "consume" phase, feeling "motivated" and "pumped up", make plans, but they don't execute. I'm currently limiting my audio experience to these podcasts only to avoid that pitfall and to give me time and motivation to actually do what it takes.

Very true. I get what you're saying. It's a form of procrastination too. Like how people can read bestselling self help books all day but don't execute. I hope you achieve your goals. Good luck!

Thanks! Best of luck to you too and to all of us :)


-Behind the Bastards (be prepared, this podcast will make you incredibly angry, sometimes sad, and will also make you laugh at the most horrible of people the world has seen)

-The Dropout (limited series about Elizabeth Holmes. So well done)

-The Moth (If you've never listened to The Moth Radio Hour, DO IT. Short, true stories told by the people they happened to and the subject matter, though curated for the theme of the podcast episode, varies wildly. Always worth a listen)

-Off Book (if you're a fan of musicals, they improvise musicals with their guests, including the music numbers. Some episodes better than others, but always a fun ride)

-Crime Junkie (I had to super pare down the true crime podcasts I was listening to and this one always makes the cut)

-The Film Reroll (D&D podcast where the players take a movie and play that plot. It's so fun to see how things derail and is just super enjoyable and one of the only D&D podcasts I've consistently listened to)

I've got a ton more, but these are just a few of different genres that I thought I would throw out there.


Great! Adding them to my ever growing list of podcasts.
If you're into true crime genre I would suggest listening to Criminal if you haven't already.


I have not! I'm definitely going to start listening to it. Thanks for the suggestion!


I haven't checked them out yet. I see they have a bunch of different shows. Any particular you would like to suggest?


My Brother, My Brother and Me us their flagship, The Adventure Zone if you're into storytelling/RPG, and Wonderful if you want to just feel good!


So I asked the same on twitter and got some really good recommendations. I thought of sharing them here as well!


The variation in this thread and these replies are super fascinating. Definitely covers a really broad spectrum of interests.


Yes! There's something for everyone in here.
I got introduced to so many good podcasts. 😁


To be honest i have never listened to podcasts whether its tech related or not . What do you guys think ? Should i consider podcasts along my journey?


I personally love podcasts. There are so many different types, from story podcasts, to radio plays, to non-fiction, whatever. I honestly think there is a podcast for everyone (especially considering that there is literally a podcast for every interest imaginable). I say go for it and give them a try!


I agree! I love podcasts. And there really is something for everyone. You're bound to find something you'll enjoy. Although I have had some people tell me that they lose interest if it's audio only and they need something visual.


Welcome to Dev.Happy to have you here. About podcasts ,I got to find time for it. I think listening while travelling would be a good idea. I will try one of the above mentioned while travelling.

Thanks!!! Happy to be here. Yeah, I've done a lot of commuting over the years and podcasting helped me while the time away.


You should definitely give it a try! And the best thing about listening to podcasts is that you don't have to make special time for it, you can listen to it anywhere anytime 😁


Yeah about that. I used to write php on an angular project while listening A.R.R .So anywhere except work i guess. 😁


I’ve been listening to both of these for years and think they’ve been consistently excellent. I will say I’ve become a Patreon supporter for the minimalists this year because they create longer content for different tiers.

Also thanks for posting this! I was just telling myself yesterday that I need to pick up my podcasts again. 😊


I have listened to couple of episodes of The Minimalists and I agree they are great!
Haven't checked out Office Hours though, will do it soon πŸ™‚

  • Do By Friday - sometimes this does have tech news on it. It’s a weekly challenge podcast.
  • Top Four - Ranks the top 4 sometimes 5 sometimes has honorable mentions of random items
  • Playing For Fun - Video game podcast

A couple I'm not seeing on this discussion yet:
Smarty Pants (interviews with authors of new/upcoming books on anything and everything)
Radical Candor: "a show about how to not hate the boss you have... or be the boss you hate"


Smarty Pants sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!
I have the book Radical Candor, haven't had a chance to read it yet. Is this podcast inspired by the book?


They started releasing the podcast shortly before the book was published. I haven't read the book but I think there's overlap. The podcast is fun because they answer listener questions for each topic. :)

I listened to the first episode and really enjoyed it! πŸ™‚


This is my all time favourite:
Peter Attia Drive
He talks about health, science of longevity and well-being among other things, interviewing people who are experts on these subjects.


Sounds great. Will definitely give it a listen.


I've been loving the BlockBuster podcast, a narrative story-telling of a young Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. If you're a fan of their movies, it's a pretty delightful tale and super well-produced.


This sounds incredibly interesting! Adding it my list.


The only one I like that hasn't faded away into disrepair is 99% Invisible.


Can you elaborate? I don’t follow any podcasts closely enough to track quality over time. I’d love to hear more about why some of them fade.


Well there are a lot which have no set goals, like "we'll talk about X technology" and after a few episodes they seem to run out of things to say and have no clear way forward, so the show just becomes a general chat about less and less related tech as time goes on.

Other ones just stop being made because the people involved realise they have other commitments and move on.

The last podcast I really enjoyed was following the episodes of a TV show. There were 52 episodes and they were doing one every other week, but they got farther and farther apart until it was months, and then years between episodes, and they only got about half way through. They just carried on as if nothing was wrong in every new episode, and I suppose it doesn't matter to people who find their content after the fact, but if you're on the same journey with them, it feels like you've wasted your time.


I would recommend The Pop Cast Its so FUNNY.


I'm surprised no-one has yet mentioned No Such Thing As A Fish, the Quite Interesting podcast. 🐠


Any podcast that has to do with storytelling, traveling, and adventures. My absolute favorite is the Passing Through Podcast by Nneka Julia.


I love a good storytelling podcast! πŸ™‚


Jocko Podcast by Jocko Willink & Start Today by Chris Cavallini.


mmm i listen in spanish some podcast, the only channel its not about tech are Posta FM


All The President's Lawyers, on kcrw.com, which I started listening to because Ken White (the legal mind of the show) blogged about the Prenda Law conspiracy which fascinated me.

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