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Dhruv Anand
Dhruv Anand

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Trying to get my head into DSA as a 15 year old...

I have started to learn Data Structures & Algorithms using Python.

Is there any advice for me that I should follow so that I do not give up.

I am really passionate about computers and programming, so I'd love to hear all of your suggestions.


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Fabricio Pashaj

Don't copy paste the code, write it.
Also, if you started to learn coding by yourself, why do you seek motivation ?

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Dhruv Anand Author

Yes, I can totally agree on this point.

why do you seek motivation ?why do you seek motivation ?

And, this is not what I meant, it wasn't exactly about motivation, it was about the learning curve and how do I make the progress more efficient.
Thanks for your help.