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Interview preparation month

This week , I been preparing for my technical interview it’s been hard because at this phase we need to focus on how to solve problems and also implement that solution including optimization with time complexity. I’ve been learning a lot of Big O Notation and TDD

About Big O notation

Big O notation is a mathematical notation used to classify the complexity of your algorithm. This complexity includes the running time and the space that allocates in memory, O(1) has the least complexity let’s say that you’re working with a sort algorithm and you get constant complexity this algorithms is very optimized. Otherwise if you got a O(2^n) your algorithm is horrible optimized. As developers it is important to have knowledge of Big O Notation to implement on code an optimized solution.

Test Driven Development

TDD (Test driven development) is a style of programming following three main activities: coding, testing and design it specifies and validate how code should works and what will do . In this case when we’re talking about the testing part we refer to unit testing and at design includes refactoring elements.

Unit testing vs Integration testing

Unit testing is a method in which a single component of code is tested, including the expected behavior and taking on mind the edge cases. The purpose of unit testing is validate if the unit works correctly this type of testing is considered the first level of sofware testing

Integration testing, on the other hand, is a method in which a group of units are tested in a group in this case normally components depend on other components and both work together. Integration testing is used to check the functionality, performance and expected behavior of the system.

On the next weeks I’ll continue working on solving hacker rank challenges and practicing some CS fundamentals in order to be prepared for my technical interview.

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