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First of all I have to say that this experimental is tested and worked only with the Iris web framework, written in Golang and Android version 5.1.

I dont think so, I could do it with other frameworks, since almost 2 years. Almost all other server frameworks in any language that can compile to arm or arch64 could be used to run an server. Or even nginx.


Probably yes, but I didn't test it and I can't recommend things that myself didn't go through. This article is a good resource for everyone.


I agree,and also know you authored Iris, but dont you think. Saying "only" is too much?
NGINX is available out of the box on termux pkg repo, do you think that that "only iris works" is justified? For those not into GO ecosystem nginx is much more popular, even apache is available out of the box in termux packages.
Im just concerned about others thinking this is the only way, while they have out of the box solutions.

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