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Discussion on: 7 front-end interview processes I did in December 2021

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Thank you!

I know from my own experience I can sometimes feel weird and even nervous when interviewing a candidate, and I'd love to get real training in that. Most companies have many employees and candidates will only meet ~5 of them while at interviews. You need to make them count!

I liked your point about being clear on how they evaluate and compare candidates. I've gotten that from external recruiters prep'ing me up, but almost nothing from companies.

The most common deal breaker last month for me was unclear/unexciting projects, bad vibes from leadership or them just seeming inexperienced. I think there might be a curve in which for the first half of the process it's mostly the company evaluating a candidate, but the 2nd half it's much more mutual, and it's definitely the candidates choice on the last sprint. I think companies fail to make a timely switch to become more attractive and stand out in time, maybe?

Anyway thanks for reading and for your comments!