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Learn to build a real-world Vue.js app for FREE at Vue.js Forge this July

Summer is hotting up more than ever this year with the news that Vue School is bringing a unique event to the Vue community!

Clear out your schedule on the 13th and 14th of July and join the largest hands-on Vue.js event - Vue.js Forge! 🔥

Vue.js Forge is a hackathon-style event where you’ll get the chance to team up with thousands of Vue.js developers from around the world to build a real-world SaaS project management application in just 2 days!

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During the event you’ll get to work with:

✅ VueUse, and discover the power of plug-and-play Vue.js Composables for making common browser API’s reactive

✅ Vue Router, and learn how to provide snappy client-side navigation

✅ Pinia, and learn the best practices for handling global application data in a modern Vue application

✅ Nuxt.js 3, and learn how to power an SEO-friendly marketing site with a simplified development experience and more!

Some of the best experts from the community including Evan You, Anthony Fu, Jessica Sachs, Alex Kyriakids, Daniel Kelly, Natalia Tepluhina, Maya Shavin, Eduardo San Martin Morote, and others are providing their guidelines and experience to help you build your own SaaS app with ease!

What’s more, after the event is over, you’ll be able to reuse portions of the application for your own projects later on and have a fine addition to your portfolio that will impress everyone!

Vue School is giving the opportunity to everyone from the community to sign up for this event FREE of charge - so hurry up and reserve your free ticket! 🚀

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