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New to - About me

New to but not new to Software development.
20+ years into software development
Here is my journey -

  • 90s dot com - noob web developer
  • Built Web products for large enterprises
  • Early member of a digital agency riding the Facebook/Orkut social media rush of mid 2000s (Successful exit)
  • Crash landed my hardware IOT startup and learnt hardware is hard (
  • Currently building a webapp to help businesses create videos with ease Trying to find the first early users. Building and learning something new everyday with javascript/wasm/ffmpeg/aws/C and loving it!

What brings me here ?
To share my experiences/learning and code snippets when I build and learn everyday
Learning and connecting with other devs at

What interests me?
Im glad my favourite 'C language' is back and playing a major role in client side development via WASMs.
With WASM the power of computing has improved on the browsers. I am keenly interested in leveraging WASM and other client side computing technologies to improve the product performance, user experience and at the same time optimise costs for the product builder.

I have an eye on generative AI integrations

  1. As a developer to improve productivity
  2. As a builder to make a product smarter and provide more value to the user

Happy to help and discuss any questions on Javascript, AWS(Lambda/SQS/SES/S3/CloudFront), FFMPEG, Emscripten, WebCodecs, javascript, browser based computing using WASM/Workers, AI integrations

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Andrew Bone

Welcome to Dev 😊

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Thanks Andrew

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Welcome to DEV! πŸ‘‹
We are waiting for you here, too

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Raj Nair

fellow mumbaikar here . Only difference is your years of experience in this industry is more than my age as I just passed my 12th grade and stepped foot into the learning experience . Hope I could do all the stuff that I have in my mind.

amythical profile image

Now I really am a dinosaur :)
Happy to help in any way along your journey.
Youve passed your 12th grade at a wonderful time with the tech industry experiencing one of its biggest transitions with so many avenues open and so much to dream about.
Happy hacking!

raj_nair_83 profile image
Raj Nair

well , I am suffering from the dilemma of choosing between two interesting stuffs viz. web development and machine learning . I went ahead with web development and I sure as hell hope that I am not making a mistake because of not starting with machine learning keeping the current AI boom in mind.

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amythical • Edited

Doesnt have to be an either or ... you can learn both. Think of it as 2 different classes in your curricullum. At some point you may diverge and specialise in one of them but a machine learning consumer app needs web development for sure and most apps these days need machine learning/AI integration in someway or the other.
Even to use the AI models and make something custom, knowledge of machine learning is needed.
Go for both!

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Anurag Vishwakarma • Edited

Welcome, amythical, to the DEV community! Share your thoughts on this platform and experience. Also, don’t hesitate to ask me or any other moderator of this community for help.

Remember to follow the community guidelines for a better experience for you as well as our other members.

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Salika Dave

Welcome to DEV! πŸŽ‰

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Lucas Chitolina

Welcome to DEV!

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Thomas Bnt β˜•

Welcome on DEV! πŸ₯³πŸ™Œ

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SeongKuk Han

Welcome to DEV! I'm looking forward to seeing your content here!