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Naming Convention in Java

In our daily life Name plays a very important role to identify the Object, i.e- name, place, thing, etc.
Naming convention
Just think for a while if the world existing without any name.

Think once what would happen if there is no name of yourself, no name of your family person, your relative, your friends, etc.
About Naming convention.

Need for the Naming convention:-

Note- Remember the thing that, These are convention, not rules, they are not compulsory to follow, but it's good to follow.

A software project development is a long term process, so it will never possible that only you will manage that project lifetime, the developers will change time to time for sure, so it is the responsibility of the previous developer that the deliverable code is well understandable by the newly hired developer. At this point, naming plays a key role to understand the code.
it is recommended by a high-level developers community to follow the naming convention.
it increases the readability of the program.
Where we have to follow naming convention in programming:-

We have to follow the naming convention on bellow point--

Visit a beautiful article on why and how everyone should have to follow
Need for the naming convention.

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