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Android Interview Question Fresher to Experience Level

Note- this is totally my experience and opinion, what I am going to share with you,
And definitely, you will face these types of questions in your upcoming interviews, and this blog helps you a lot.

And please do not misunderstand that, I am sharing full interview process and all, here I'm describing only Android Specific Interview Question.
You have to prepare yourself for other rounds as well like- Aptitude, reasoning, and all.

Activity And Fragment:
Activity life cycle(prepare complete scenario)
What is Fragment
Fragment life cycle
difference between activity and fragment
Explain Activity Life Cycle and Most Importantly What will be the Life cycle (In Order) If Activity B is Launched from Activity A.
Why to use setContentView() in onCreate() callback method?
LaunchModes in Android. What is onNewIntent (Very very important to understand it)
Why it is recommended to use Default Constructor to create a Fragment
Explain Fragment Life Cycle, How the Activity Life cycle and Fragment Life Cycle gets called In Order, RetainInstanceState in Fragment
Fragment Add vs Fragment Replace, Explain with using Backstack and Without using backstack
Activity Life cycle when Dialog is opened — (hint:- Don’t get confused b/w system-generated Dialog and your own app dialog)
Content Provider:
Explain Content Provider, What is Scheme? How can an Application Access database of another Application.

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Android interview questions for fresher

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