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Resolve angry beeping when GalliumOS refuse to boot

I removed my blog when I re-made my portfolio in Wagtail. It included a post on troubleshooting GalliumOS in Chromebook. I found it useful, so I decided to re-post this here, so here goes:

I don’t actually use Chromebook that often since most of my work is on my Macbook. As a result, I don't charge it everyday. If I forget to turn it off and it stayed in sleep mode, the battery eventually drained off.


If I only have ChromeOS in my Chromebook, it wouldn’t be a problem – but my system is dual-boot with Linux. GalliumOS to be precise.

The first time I drained my battery by accident, I thought I just have to re-charge it and turn it back on. To boot into GalliumOS, I do a simple Ctrl-L click. But that time, there was an angry, angry beep and no boot.

GalliumOS Screen

Oops, again.

I was almost certain it have to do with the battery drain, but what happened?

A bit more research on the documentation and GalliumOS reddit revealed that because the crossystem flag used for booting is a firmware level setting, it is therefore stored in volatile memory. When there is a complete drain, there is a possibility for the flag to be lost. To solve this, here are the steps:

  1. Boot into ChromeOS – yes, not GalliumOS, but ChromeOS. We need to access the developer mode! Usually, the command for ChromeOS booting is Ctrl-D. 2.You may have to configure wifi if it is not set up. My Chromebook still remembers it, so it was good to go.
  2. Do a Ctrl-Alt-=> (=> is the right arrow on the first row your keyboard) – to boot yourself into the developer terminal. 4.Enter chronos as username with no password. 5.Enter sudo crossystem dev_boot_legacy=1. Some guides online may say dev_boot_usb, but as the GalliumOS documentation mentioned, that flag is not related to legacy boot issue. I should know – I tried it! 6.Enter sudo reboot.
  3. Now the GalliumOS booting should be good to go!!!

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