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How to Download & Install PHP 8 on Windows 10

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This post will help you download & install php 8 on Windows 10 and set php 8 to system's path, verify php version and run the php 8 local development server.

Download & Install PHP 8

  • Head to
  • Click Download button
  • Click Windows Downloads
  • Download Thread safe 32/64 bit zip package for your system type
  • Extract the zip package
  • Paste the extracted folder onto your desired drive (C?D?E?)
  • Rename this folder to php8
  • One this folder and look for php.ini-development file
  • Make a copy of this file and rename copy version to php.ini
  • Open php.ini file with your preferred text editor and uncomment PHPIniDir “ext”
  • Save the file and close the editor.

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Set PHP 8 to System's Path

  • Open php8 folder and copy and folder path
  • Press Windows Key on your keyboard and type 'variable' and hit Enter
  • Click Environment Variables
  • Click Edit and Click NEW on the right
  • Paste the php8 folder path
  • Click OK, OK, OK

Verify PHP Version

  • Launch Command Prompt
  • Type php -v

Run PHP Local Development Server

  • Create a Folder on your desktop
  • Open this folder with your text editor
  • Create a file and save as filename.php
  • Write PHP code and save it
  • <?php echo phpinfo(); ?>
  • Navigate your CMD to this folder
  • Run PHP server
  • php -S
  • Launch Browser
  • Navigate to

Install PHP 8 on Windows 10

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