Cover image for Ever dreamed of a free and open-source resume builder that doesn't store your data? Meet Reactive Resume!

Ever dreamed of a free and open-source resume builder that doesn't store your data? Meet Reactive Resume!

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Reactive Resume

Reactive Resume

A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind,
completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source, and free forever.
Try it out today!

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Do you have a demo?

Why yes, I do! Here's a video explaining it's features and functionality.

What's so special about it?

  • Secure: It is entirely secure, as in, your information never leaves the browser, powered by web technologies (HTML5 Local Storage API) that allow for data to be stored locally and quickly.
  • Offline: The app is a PWA and also has no connection to any servers, thus keeping it entirely offline. It survives refreshes, disconnections, and can also be exported or imported through JSON.
  • Customizable: Choose your fonts, play with the colors, pick any layout by merely enabling/disabling sections. A simple and easy to use interface that helps you get a resume in no time!
  • Templates: I've been continuously designing new templates and will be releasing new ones as I have the time. Please support development by using the app and leaving a like/comment or sharing it with your peers.
  • Portable: Your information can be exported to JSON and imported back into the application from anywhere, all you need is your JSON file. This feature makes it easy to update your resume, upload your file (or have it preloaded from local storage), edit the resume and download it again or print it as PDF.
  • Minimalistic Design: As a designer, I felt I had to put this over the top of all other features. Built with minimalism and minimal interaction in mind, it looks clean, is simple to use, and I only hope to make the process more streamlined through your inputs and feedback.
  • Progressive Web App: The web app is responsive, which means you can edit your resume on your phone as well and even install it as an app if you're on Android/Chrome. The app is quick to load and would also work if your internet is disconnected.
  • No Ads, Open Source, and Free: As with all my projects, I made the app only to help others, so it will always remain free, and I would not be monetizing on it at any point. But if you do feel generous, I'm open to donations :)

What did you use to build this?

How does it look?

Minimalistic UI

Tailor Made Templates Custom Color Options Custom Font Picker Exhaustive Sections
Personalized in Every Way Quick Resume Updates Save as PDF or Print Directly Secure, Offline & Portable

Why did you make this free?

A lot of people have asked me for help in designing their resumes as I have made mine. I just wanted a more natural way to generate resumes and have it easy to update cause updating a resume is always the uphill task. Once I thought of the idea, it was only a matter of time to design and develop the app.

I am a big supporter of the open-source development movement as I have been directly benefitted by so many other projects that developers have shared. So needless to say, this project is entirely open-source and free as well :)

Hope you enjoyed using the app, please let me know if you found it helpful. Thank you!

If you have any questions about the development process of building this project, I would be happy to answer them.

If you found the article interesting, please star the repository to show your support so I can be motivated to introduce new templates and features in the project :)

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A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!

A free and open source resume builder.

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What is this app all about?

Reactive Resume is a free and open source resume builder that’s built to make the mundane tasks of creating, updating and sharing your resume as easy as 1, 2, 3. With this app, you can create multiple resumes, share them with recruiters through a unique link and print as PDF, all for free, no advertisements, without losing the integrity and privacy of your data.

You have complete control over what goes into your resume, how it looks, what colors, what templates, even the layout in which sections placed. Want a dark mode resume? It’s as easy as editing 3 values and you’re done. You don’t need to wait to see your changes either. Everything you type, everything you change, appears immediately on your resume and gets updated in real time.


  • Manage multiple resumes…

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Designer and Developer. The very last of my kind. I belong both on Dribbble and GitHub.


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Wow! this is cool man. Of course, what makes it cooler is that it's free. I guess this is the first free resume builder in the market.

Didn't start testing it yet, but when I was looking around for my favorite font i.e. Nunito, I didn't found it. I was expecting it because "Google Fonts" was mentioned above. I guess it will be amazing if I was able to use any font available at google fonts. Most of them won't be suitable for resumes, but it would be cool instead of limited fonts.

As it's open-source I'll be more than happy to contribute or open issues in the future.

Amazing work man!


Hey, I forgot to update you on the new update that I pushed. It contains the Nunito font now as well, and I must say, I didn't give the font enough credit, it looks really good on resumes :) Thank you for the suggestion!


Cool! Thanks for the considering


Thank you so so much! :) Yes, we all love free stuff :D But I am happier about the fact that so many people find it useful. I'm really glad you liked the application, and I will definitely do what I can to keep it more engaging!

As for the font issue, I got you. I had faced the exact same thing. I wanted to use Avenir Next but it was a macOS only font, not available anywhere else. So that's why I've added a text field at the bottom of the Fonts section. All you need to do is download the Nunito font onto your system, install it and type 'Nunito' in the text field, it will load the font locally :)

Please do let me know if it worked out for you! And I would be happy to see any contributions made to the app. Thank you so much for your feedback and support!


download the Nunito font onto your system
I saw this option but as a windows user, there is a lot of stuff needed to be done to install extra fonts on the system. Frankly, I have tried installing fonts on my windows many times and 99% of the time it doesn't work on my system due to some reason 😅.

As you see this is a long process and I thought just extracting it from google fonts API would be easier.

What, really? I used to use Windows too, and it was pretty simple (digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to...).

Anywho, no issues. I will definitely look into adding more fonts. Do you often use any other fonts other than Nunito, so that I can add them as well? :)


This is really awesome, excellent work!

I was going to ask for an added feature to print/export as PDF so links could be followed from the document, but it seems like this is already being worked on. The link for the website works great, however the email is just plain text.

I did find a small bug. When I entered barely enough information to fill the top 1/3rd of the resume and printed it, a second, blank page printed with everything. Not a big deal, but thought it was worth mentioning.

I will definitely be using this to completely revamp my resume! Design is not something I have a lot of talent in and the templates are excellent for someone like me.


Thank you so much for checking out the app, it really means a lot to me :) I'm constantly working on it to make the experience a lot smoother and easier for anyone to make resumes. I'm happy that it has helped you, and I will keep pushing new updates and new resume templates whenever I get the time.

I will definitely start working on the links to the email/phone/website. I had not started work on that before but will start now, the changes should be up within a few minutes of me writing this comment.

As for the print issue, I'm working on that right now. I even made a post about how I solved this issue on Dev.to, it's linked here:

This update is already out and should be fixed with a cache reset for you :) Thank you so much for the support, please do let me know what I can do to keep the experience running smoothly!


Ha! I must have tried it right before you pushed this. Seems to be working correctly now.

Thanks so much for releasing this to the public! I've already sent it out to a couple of friends to try out.


I didn't go on your website yet and I'm already in love with it... because I've been doing my resume on Word until then and it's no pleasure cruise, but most of all thanks to your description : free forever, opensource, secure... And by the looks of the screen shots I'm seeing (on my phone), it looks beautifully modern! I can't wait for the day of work to be over to try the website and starring your project on Github.
Thanks for your work, cheers!

Edit: starred the project on Github and checked out your website, which lived up to my expectations! I've tried a few things just for fun and will definitely use it when the time comes to refresh my resume.


Really cool and useful app! I'm testing it now.

One thing that is small but very important is the ability to break text into paragraphs for job descriptions. If I want a list of bullet points and add a line break, it's not recognized in the generated layout.

Ability to change font size would also be great, unless I'm missing it?


I'm in the process of integrating react-markdown in the description fields only. Maybe that would help with line breaks, bullet lists etc. Please expect an update coming very soon :)

As for the font size modification, you are right, those options don't exist as of now. I will definitely look into adding them. But since we're on a dev platform, maybe I can share a hack that might work? You can use the Inspect Element Dev Tools to add custom CSS, so all you need to do is modify the font-size property CSS for the id#page div and you should be able to print it in the size you want.

Now, I know this isn't perfect. Obviously a refresh would clear all CSS edits, but I'll definitely look into how it can be implemented very soon. Thank you for your feedback and support :)


Markdown has now been implemented in the app, so you can make lists and style your content however you want :) Please check out the new update!


Works great! Thanks for the quick update.


Does the UI work well on small screens?


I have tried to make it as responsive as possible, but as you may know, it is quite difficult to work on resumes with a smaller screen. I have however optimised for landscape editing, so when you open the app on your phone, try the landscape mode. It should serve well. Hope that helps, thank you :)


But I would like to use portrait mode so I can make better use of the keyboard.

Have you considered using media queries in the component that has the issue and js to set a CSS variable for that components DOM style attribute to scale the container and font to fit?

I do have some media queries in place already, but it's a matter of trying to view the artboard and the options at the same time. Hopefully will be able to solve this issue soon. Thanks for sticking through, will put this on priority :)

Why don't you expand the art boards on mobile layouts? Using an icon as a trigger for the expansion.

Will definitely look into it, thank you so much :)


Thank you so much for this but I am unable to install it on my website. I check the documentation but can find the installation file. Can you help me with that? Also, I want to know that, is there any login system for users and save data to the database?

Thanks again...


I'm really proud of u bro, way to open source is awesome.


Neat and easy to use/ navigate around. Simply love the minimal template! Thanks for sharing and making it open source.


Thanks for the tool! I am a broke student and was looking for some free resume builders.


Thank you so much :) Glad you liked the tool, hope it lands you your dream job! :D


Hey that's really impressive! Some beautiful designs. Is there a way for artists/designers to contribute their resume templates to your template repo?


Hey there!

Currently, there's not much that designers can do unless they know how to code the template into HTML/CSS and make React Components out of them. But that's what I do well, so if you are a designer, just send me the design, or you can raise an issue on GitHub asking to implement the resume, and I can do it in no time :)

I'm constantly in search of innovative and simple resume layouts that I can convert to a template so that it can be used in the app :)


With India under 21-day lockdown, I can't wait to see what this project looks like in 21 days! You're on an awesome track! Keep innovating.

Haha, 21 templates for 21 days maybe 😅 I hope I get to stay motivated on the project until then. I would really want to see this all the way through and ensure it reaches a lot of people who are in need of good resumes.


I was thinking about something like this. This app truly rocks :) thanks for sharing with the community!


Can it read linkedin profile where all my history is up to date?


Hmm, sounds interesting. When I made this, I just assumed people would create their resume from start. Will definitely look into how this can be implemented :) Thank you so much for your suggestion and feedback.


Hey, great job on the app! However, I am not able to add my personal projects to the resume... Am i missing something here or is that a feature for the upcoming releases ?


Thank you so much, glad you liked it :)


Very good work man. I love it and it itches in my fingers to create a custom template ;)


The template creation system is still a bit confusing for new users, so I've planned to write detailed documentation on what to edit when making your own design template. Will soon have that once the templates are at maximum efficiency in terms of code-reuse and quality.