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re: I loved the previous version and am still using the resume it generated. Can't recommend it enough. 🙌 I'm curious though, what made you change it f...

That's a great question James :)

That's also answered in the FAQ on the site, cause I was sure many people would be curious about this. But in a gist, it was basically really difficult to manage and fix bugs when the entire app was on the user's local. I couldn't push a new update and clear cache, I couldn't upgrade resume schemas gracefully if I added a new section. It was getting to a bottleneck point there where I had to make a decision.

So that's when I moved it to a cloud approach. I do explain clearly, in the privacy policy, that none of the data would be processed for analytics, none of it would be sold out, I won't even have a reason to look at it. And there would be no email blasts or anything, in case you logged in through Google. I do absolutely nothing except provide a convenience :)

There was one feature that intrigued me though, since everything is on the cloud now, there was a hope that I could use my "budding" Flutter skills to build an all for Reactive Resume. But I don't think it would be any time soon as I'm loaded at work. But it's an interesting avenue to look to, if there's enough interest.

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