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proxy login using react js

What is Proxy Login?
Proxy Login is also known as proxy authentication.
This is a mechanism that allow one user to log into a system or application on the behalf of another user.

Users of proxy Login

Delegated Access: It allows one user or system component to delegate specific permissions or access rights to another user or component. For example, a system administrator may temporarily act on behalf of a regular user to troubleshoot an issue.

Authentication and Authorization: Proxy login is used in situations where one entity (the proxy) needs to access resources or perform actions on behalf of another entity. The proxy must authenticate itself and obtain the necessary permissions to act as the other entity.

User Impersonation: In some systems, especially for troubleshooting or support, administrators can temporarily assume the identity of another user to see the system from their perspective, troubleshoot issues, or provide assistance.

Multi-Tenancy: In multi-tenant applications or services, proxy login can be used to allow an administrator to access the data or settings of a specific tenant without knowing their password.

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