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Amr Elmohamady
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How to become a Self-taught software developer ?

You don't need a computer science degree to be a software developer !!

So how to be a software developer without paying money at all? This is what I will cover in this article.

freeCodeCamp is a proven path to your first software developer job.

freeCodeCamp is a boot camp to learn software development. They offer a free curriculum on the freeCodeCamp website.

You have two ways to learn from freeCodeCamp from the boot camp and their YouTube channel as they have a YouTube channel called freeCodeCamp with more than two million subscriptions as they bring famous and great developers to make free courses in the channel, so if you didn't like the boot camp system you can learn from the channel teachers and if you didn't like one there's another one for the same topic. Also, the YouTube channel has got more tutorials in different fields like Web, App, Desktop, Game development.

They offer linear algebra, statistics, calculus, Maths courses to be as you are in a college.

What you Will be learning is firstly the
Responsive Web Design certificate:

You will learn Basic HTML and HTML5 then CSS then you will learning about Applied visual Design and Responsive Web Design principles then some CSS3 important features like flexbox and CSS grid.

Then JavaScript certificate:

You will dive into your first programming language you will learn JavaScript, ES6, OOP, Algorithms and Data structure and other JavaScript courses.

After that the Front end libraries certificate:

You will learn bootstrap, jQuery, sass, React and redux. You can take Vue and Vuex courses instead of react as Gwen Faraday made good courses for Vue.js.

Then the Data visualization certificate:

You will learn how to visualize data using charts with D3.js and you will learn dealing with APIs with Ajax and Json

APIs and Microservices Certification:

You will learn backend development with Node, Express , MongoDB and Mongoose.

Quality Assurance certificate:

You will learn how to test with chai the Advanced Node and Express.

Scientific Computing with Python Certification :

As it's obvious that this program will teach you python programming language as it will be your second programming language.

Data Analysis with Python Certification:

You will learn Data Analysis with NumPy which is a python library for data science.

Information Security Certification:

You will learn Helmetjs fo information security then python for penetration testing.

Machine Learning with Python Certification :

Finally You will learn machine learning with Tensorflow which is a python library for ML and you will learn How Neural Networks Work.

Each program is 300 hours long and contains five projects for training.

What's is so cool about freeCodeCamp is that you get certified for each program and what's most important about it is that it will motivate you and what's more important than the certificate is the experience you will get through this amazing boot camp.

Then, you have Coding Interview Prep (Thousands of hours of challenges) from freeCodeCamp.

Go Now for freeCodeCamp and Start Learning

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