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Amr Elmohamady
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Automate your work with Gulp.js

A toolkit to automate & enhance your workflow

Leverage gulp and the flexibility of JavaScript to automate slow, repetitive workflows and compose them into efficient build pipelines.

Gulp.js is a tool that will do everything for you.

Gulp.js is built on Node.js

What you need to learn Gulp :

  • You need to be a good Front end developer
  • You need a very good knowledge in JavaScript
  • You need to know about CSS preprocessors and HTML template engines.
  • Ability to use command line and Node Package Manager (npm)

Examples of tasks that Gulp can do :

  • Copy Files from src to dist
  • Concatenate CSS or JavaScript files for production
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript files
  • Auto prefixer for CSS3 properties
  • Manage and Compile Sass files
  • Generate SourceMap files for CSS and JS
  • Compiling Pug.js to HTML
  • Transpile Es6+ using Babel
  • Live reload your project for easy development
  • Compile Typescript
  • Minify Images
  • Send Notification on Errors
  • Rename Files
  • Processing JavaScript files with eslint
  • Upload files with FTP

And there's other more than 4000 plugins to help you.

One tip while using Gulp is not to use a lot of tasks at the same time to avoid slowing down of Gulp tasks.

Thanks for reading the article and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Discussion (2)

finnanton profile image

I don't agree with this article.
You don't need to be a good Frontend Developer you need Basic Javascript and ES6 experience. I think it is better when you try to show some example code in your article.

And you forgot about Gulp 3 and Gulp 4, it is important to show the difference between Version 3 and 4.

But Gulps power is underestimated, thank you for the article.

Best regards

amrelmohamady profile image
Amr Elmohamady Author

What I mean by good front end developer is that you know Js, Es6, sass, pug so Gulp will be useful for you. Also, this blog post is to inform people that there's something called Gulp to automate their tasks so they search for it and take courses to learn Gulp.
THANKS for your constructive criticism 😍