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Amol Shelke
Amol Shelke

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How I started My Open-Source contribution Journey.

first contribution..

I still remember my fist issue and first pull request in one of my friends project resumegen it was a react project but I'm not familiar with react that time. So I just create a file for that project😅. and I think that why he will merged my pull request even I don't did anything just create a file and write some information about his project only 20 line of markdown I contribute in that project because I was curious about contributing in open-source project I did my first pull request and after a day my pull request was merged by the owner of the project..

And that's how I started contributing in open-source projects and then after a month I get to know that there is an open-source program is organized by Girl Script Summer of code it was a 3 month long program in which we have to choose any project according to our interest and contribute to them and I join the program I was selected as an open-source contributor I have contributed in many frontEnd projects and still contributing it was a great experience

I highly suggest to beginner developers to contribute in open-source projects it gives you an idea of real world programming how to understand others code and many more

Wish you a good day❤️

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Diego (Relatable Code)

That's always great to hear! Contributing to open-source is very important can always help others out. All of us developers depend on the hard work of open-source in some way or another in more ways than you realize!

And for those trying to get their first job it looks great on the resume and teaches valuable skills.

I have an article for anyone interested on how to get started with your first contribution.

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Amol Shelke Author

that's nice Dieogo I will read it😊