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Resume Interview CheckList

Part of Udemy Course on Mastering the Coding Interview

Resume Sheet

✅ Use a pre-designed resume template

✅ Make the resume fit on 1 page

✅ Include words from job description

✅ Include company name you are applying to

✅ Does your first item on your resume reflect what they are
looking for?

✅ Experience titles demonstrate value

✅ Do you have an online link?

✅ Remove the word “I”

✅ No buzzwords describing how great you are

✅ Are you using Action words?

✅ Measure everything in terms of impact, don’t just describe your

✅ Technical Knowledge/Skills should include what they are looking
for Only show years if it is impressive

✅ Include only sections/items that are impressive: Experience,
Projects, Education, Technical Skills

✅ No typos or bad grammar

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