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Let’s Talk About the Scalability and Scope of MERN Stack

Scalability is an essential feature for web applications. Such apps have fewer performance issues, code maintenance is easier, user experience is better and they can handle traffic surges like a champ.

MERN stack is made of four technologies and it can develop highly scalable apps.

The popularity of scalable apps for startups and businesses is increasing and with that, so is the demand for the MERN stack developers and agencies.

But how exactly is the MERN stack the answer to creating the most scalable apps? And what kind of projects can one do with this tech stack?

Continue reading as we explore these questions and more!

Overview of the MERN Stack

MERN stack stands for MongoDB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS. It is a technology stack that you can use for creating web and mobile applications.

A stack is a combination of all the frameworks you need to create an entire app from the backend and database to the front end and more.

There are other stacks in the market as well; the popular ones being MEAN stack, Serverless and the LAMP stack. But when we talk about scalability the MERN stack takes the lead.

Developers love using this stack because it primarily works with JavaScript and JSON and supports cloud-based databases to create flexible apps. Plus, all the technologies in the MERN stack are open source so it is perfect for developing apps on a budget.

The stack has some of the best frameworks and allows you to leverage the key features of each technology while developing your project.

Scope of MERN stack: What Can You Develop with It?

Each of the four technologies of the MERN stack comes with its own specific benefits. From enterprise solutions to management systems; you can create much more than CRUD apps with the MERN Stack.

These days MERN stack is the go-to stack for building apps for startups, eCommerce, enterprises and SAAS setups. You'll see MERN stack companies investing in highly skilled full-stack developers because their demand is going up as the popularity of the MERN stack is increasing.

The MERN stack works so well because all of its technologies complement each other.  Mongo DB when linked with the Node JS backend makes JSON data storage and representation easier.

Similarly, Express JS improves the performance of the server-side while React JS enhances the user experience at the front end.

When these technologies are used together, you get incredible features and the entire app performs much better.

The scope of the MERN stack is increasing and you can get a better idea of this by looking at some of the websites that use these technologies:

  1. Adobe and Google use MongoDB
  2. Pinterest and Wix use React JS
  3. LinkedIn and Uber use Node JS

Independent developers can only have so much knowledge and expertise in the MERN stack and its individual technologies. But a website and app development agencies have teams of developers who are experienced in each of the technologies and also on how this work together.

So, if you are looking to start a project in MERN, hire a MERN stack development company for best results.

Scalability of the MERN Stack

A Look at The Scalability of the MERN Stack  

First, let's look at what makes an app scalable:

  1. The app has the right web architecture with correctly configured code. Basically, there should be features to balance the load so the app doesn't crash.
  2. Backend can run on multiple servers or has a mechanism to reduce CPU power utilized. Microservices are great for this because then you can ensure seamless communication between your servers.
  3. NoSQL databases are inherently scalable.
  4. The technologies and frameworks used are easily maintainable.

MERN stack apps are scalable because each of the four technologies individually is flexible and scalable.

Take mongo DB's horizontal scaling ability for example; it can run over multiple servers to speed up the loading process through the Sharding feature. That way, you get instant scalability whenever you need it. 

Also, Mongo DB's horizontal scaling fixes the single point of failure issue which previously prevented apps from scaling.

This means that having your database run on multiple servers ensures that your app still runs in case one server goes down. It's the same principle as not keeping all your eggs in one basket.

React JS contributes to the scalability of the MERN stack through its reusable components feature. It allows you to create complex interfaces using minimal code. That makes it easy to maintain the app later on and add features when and if required.

Express JS is excellent at URL routing modules.  It makes communication between the client-side and the server-side; or the frontend and the backend, smooth and fast. It also follows the single-threaded process which makes finding errors and fixing them much easier.

There is also a smaller overhead cost when you use Express JS to develop the backend.

And then there is Node JS. Its scalability depends on how you design the back-end architecture. Depending on your project demands, a good development company will add refactors to the layers, use cluster modules, create pub-sub patterns, include cache layers and so on.

Since Node JS has the non-blocking event loop mechanism, it can process requests faster than most back-end frameworks available today. It is this and more reasons why giants such as Walmart and Netflix use Node JS. 

Although all of these technologies are fast and high-performance, the scalable features have to be specifically developed.

And if you want your app created with a special focus on scalability, then you should hire a professional developer to work on your project. 

When Should You Use the MERN Stack?

You should use the MERN stack to build your app if you are looking to create something that's

  1. Easily scalable
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Preferably JSON heavy
  4. Flexible for modifications down the line
  5. Can be built fast

In fact, you can use the MERN stack to create apps of any scale and pretty much any use. Professional development services are ideal to help bring your vision to life in the form of a robust app.

It's the favored stack for developers who wish to use the same programming language throughout the project.  And save time by reusing components which is a feature of React JS.

MERN stack in the future

Final Words

There is an increasing demand for experienced MERN stack developers and after reading this post, you must clearly understand why.

With the scope and scalability of this tech stack and the growing reliance of the public on online businesses, we are likely to see many more apps created with the MERN stack in the future.

Coming up with an idea for your app, working on the blueprints and going through the development process is challenging, time-consuming and downright tiresome.

Don't settle for a mediocre app. Instead, hire a MERN stack development agency to create your app from the ground up so you can have scalable features right from the beginning.

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