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Aung Myat Moe
Aung Myat Moe

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My new portfolio which is built on top of next 13 app directory

I have been working around with my portfolio website in last two week ago. I forgot to grab review from dev community.
I am warmly welcome to grab your review and feedback.

My website is alive here.

Project can be found here

See review

Image description

Image description

I inspired tailwind's portfolio template. It is so cool and elegant to me. So, u don't need to invent a new wheel with figma 👻.

Figma is a bit hard for small screen.

I use,

  • Next
  • Tailwind

to accomplish my app's domain and then I inspired tailwind's open source documentation website to config my tailwind config.

It's open source by default. I love open source projects. They give me an opportunity to learn their code and how should I improve well in future.

Lighthouse Result

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shrit1401 profile image
Shrit Shrivastava

I love the design really, add some cool efforts like locomotive scroll gsap animations it can be lit as shit

If you want I can add some cool animation using your GitHub repo then ill pull request if you want me I have made an issue assign me that.

amm834 profile image
Aung Myat Moe

Oh! that is cool for me, jut PR it.