My hacktoberfest 2020 experience

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Hey! My self Amit Sagar. Currently, I'm a Student. I'm pursuing electronics and communication engineering from Uttrakhand Technical University. I'm in a way to be a MERN full stack developer.


When, I was register for the hacktoberfest 2020, I was totally new to the open source coding. Through this fest I have learned about how to contribute at opensource coding. And, I have learned about git and github. This fest really helps me to boost up my career.


I'm beginner to the opensource coding. So, In this fest, I choose the beginner projects. But now, I'm ready to work on intermediate projects.


This is an amazing fest. In which large number of developers are participating. I have learned lots of things through this fest. This is my Hacktober and I really enjoyed it. Definitely, I will participate in the Hacktoberfest 2021 and so on. Now , I'm ready to contribute in the opensource.


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Waylon Walker

Its great to see that hacktoberfest has made a positive impact on you. Congrats on completing the challenge! Hope that it has lowered the barrier to open source and you now feel more likely to raise issues and submit prs in the future.

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Amit Sagar Author

yeah! thanks for motivating.