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Solve: Android app new release rejected

Google play store is the app distribution service developed by Google. We are using the same to distribute our Android app to users. Two months ago, we had a problem with one of our updates, and the latest release got rejected. We resolved the issue and made a new release. After that, we never faced the problem and were able to do the regular release.

Recently our latest release was rejected when we tried to update our app on the play store. The reason was that our latest release included the old release that violated one of the play store policies.

When you upload the new version of the app, the previous version is automatically replaced by the latest version. It means the new user will receive the latest update only, and the old user will get the option to update the app. So we don't need to worry that the user will receive the old version of the app that has the issue. We were not able to figure out the reason that our latest release also included the very old version of the app.

We started inspecting our paly store developer account to check if we included the old version of the app by mistake in the latest release. We checked the app bundle explorer to find the active version. The version that had the issue was still active. So we started checking if that version is present in internal testing, closed testing, open testing or production. We didn't check it initially becasue we always release a new update on open testing and then production. So we checked only these two. After checking internal testing, closed testing, open testing and production, we found that the version that had the problem was active in the closed testing.

To resolve the issue, we released the latest version of the app in the closed testing that automatically make the old version inactive. It solved our problem.

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