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how to host MERN Stack Project on share hosting?

Hello everyone i want to ask how i can upload my mern project on normal hosting or i can Cpanel what will be the steps on youtuebe i not found anything helpfull Thanks Advance.

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Andrew Baisden • Edited

It is common for these type of applications to be uploaded onto server-less platforms.

Frontend and Backend Hosting

Database Hosting

Backend and Database Hosting

Frontend, Backend and Database Hosting

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RangerCoder99 • Edited

No it's not they also can really easy be deployed to vps hosting like DigitalOcean. All this companies you listed use an ton of marketing money to use their overpriced services when you can host your apps (frontend, backend and database) all on one 5 dollar/month service. Yes I'm aware that most of the companies above use some kind of FREE hosting but none of that free tiers give you the hosting you need if when your site starts to become popular... and they all share the shady unwritten fair use trick that allows the hosting companies to shutdown your server at any time and demand payment.

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Andrew Baisden

Not everybody can afford to pay for hosting every single month thats why these platforms exist. I have hosted my website on Vercel and it is currently on Netlify and the free plan works for me. Paid plans are more essential if you have a high traffic website or you are building a SaaS or PaaS product.

You can't just discredit a platform because it does not suit your needs. Just because it does not work for you it does not mean that it won't work for others. And these platforms make it super simple to deploy your application online which is good for beginners and experts.

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