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Amir Meimari
Amir Meimari

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As a developer, is creating content (Video, blog posts, etc...) is a wasting of time?

Hey there 😊
Everyone knows that making content and having an online presence is necessary these days. no one will value you if nobody knows you!

So I've been making some youtube videos recently and I've talked to some devs and asked them how can I make an online presence and what can I do to gain some attention in the community?
they said that I should contribute to popular projects and make a good Github account. so what about making content? is it not necessary? they said: it doesn't matter as much!

Is there any way that these two won't clash? does a developer exist that have a great Github account and make the content as well? at least I couldn't find one!

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Jen Miller • Edited on

It depends on what you mean by online presence. Though I think a professionally geared website about yourself can help, it's not required. I don't have one aside from Linkedin and I've been doing just fine. It's not just me, but I know many others that don't actively participate in social media. It can be pretty toxic at times.

That being said, if your circle of online friends/acquaintances are those who are active in social media, you will get a biased view on that topic.

Regarding content for getting a job. As a lead, I interview many candidates, and yes, it helps, but its not a deal breaker for a candidate if they do not have any significant online presence. Online presence can help quantify how a company or interviewer perceives your- which is both a good and bad thing.

I think if you are going down the road of making Youtube content or blogs to gain subscribers, you need to focus on something you like doing. Your passion for that subject will show and that will attract viewers. I've seen people bash out blogs here simply for attention and that lack of interest in their subject shows though...its also not sustainable.

I've always felt that you need to make content you enjoy doing first. Don't do it simply for the following. If you like doing youtube videos, do it. Don't let anyone talk you out of it because they perceive it as not worth it.

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Amir Meimari Author

Sure thanks! yeah, I'm feeling that way too. Besides just coding, I'm trying new things such as creating content (around coding and development) and I think trying new things doesn't hurt so why not give it a try!

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leob • Edited on

I'd say that if you manage a serious Github project, and you create blogs or Youtube videos, and you have a day job to pay the bills (funny that the latter aspect is something I rarely see mentioned here on, then it would become a bit too much, wouldn't it?

I mean there's only 24 hours in a day - and you might want to sleep, eat, who knows you might even want to work out, or have other hobbies besides coding ... :-)

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