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DevLog #14 - Sprint Review Meeting

Sprint review meeting is a one of key ceremonies of the scrum Agile methodology and it helps the team to discuss and finalise the progress of the work done within the sprint. Initially, the team will demonstrate the work they have completed to the stakeholders and customers and then get the feedback from them about further suggestions, changes and improvements or clarify the reasons behind the functions which they do not have the idea to the stakeholders. After that based on the feedback and gained insight from the sprint, the product owner will adjust the product backlog.

According to our project, we have been conducting sprint review meetings for 3 sprints up to now. I think we have done a good job up to now in the review meetings and we have improved and groomed our product backlog based on the feedback we received. Based on my point of view, all stakeholders of the project need to contribute to the review meeting and should have an open discussion with the development team. As an example, in our project, we had not included login for the nation admin and our project supervisor explained to us about the usefulness of the login for admin and he explained that we can do it in a very simple way. And he asked us why we have implemented login for nation users and as the development team, we could clarify to him the reason behind it and why it was more important than our backlog items. Then we can consider it as a clarification for the stakeholder. Finally, I can express that the sprint review meeting is a very useful event in the scrum methodology based on my experiences in this project.

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